Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blog 8

This is the Logo for brembo, any one who knows about cars should know that this is one of the best brands out there for calipers, rotors and brake pads as well, the reason i chose this is because the design it self is very genius, the type has like lines going across them which represents the grooves in a rotor, and the icon represents the B for brembo and also a rotor at the same time.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Blog 7

This is an advertisement for Rolex advertising their new wrist watch vero. this image just caught my attention mainly because i like watches my self, it just shows elegance by putting the shiny watch in front of a black background. and the metal pieces flying around just makes it look more epic, and the type font they use looks great in this advertisement, it just makes a man want to buy it by making it very masculine.

Blog 6

This advertisement by southwest is well done, the quote they use is very clever and it fits with the image, the boxes in the image represents the states in which the person has been, the blue as a background works very well makes the image actually speak for its self.

Blog 5

This is an advertisement made for Target I found on Pinterest. I think this advertisement is very clever by putting a person climbing their logo in order for him to actually reach the target. the colors are well used and the negative space works very well also.

Blog 4

This is an advertisement for the lego toys by Lego. The reason this Catches my attention is because the use of contrasting colors and negative space. The use of the red Just makes their product pop out and their logo as well, and the use of the blocks and the shadow of the plane is really smart, it just shows the imagination of a child. 

Blog 3

This is an advertisement for an italian wine by Garrone. One of the reasons why I enjoyed this work so much is for its used of the colors and location they put the product, they used all the space but yet it still lets you focus in the bottle, the field and the sunset is just like eye candy for the consumer, and the type in the bottle gives it a very elegant vibe.

Blog 2

This is a Colgate advertisement i found on Pinterest, i thought it was very clever in which they used the tooth brushes to represent teeth, and the contrasting color between the red and blue is also cleverly used, and they also used like a white highlights to represent a white smile.